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COVID-19 Test

The corona eruption continuously harms the activities of many organizations around the world. Unfortunately, one employee can cause damage and send dozens of other workers who are around him to be isolated. How do you avoid it? Is there any way to monitor or identify the risk factors in advance?

BSR GLOBAL comes out with the first of its kind digital test, called Index. It is a dedicated questionnaire that helps detect Corona symptoms and protect against virus infection.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, which includes 15-20 questions, the assessee (and, if necessary, the organization that employs him) receives an indication of his/her personal risk level – as an indicator of his chances of contracting virus. The indicator is also presented in a simple and intuitive way, in the outline of a three-colour traffic light: Green indicates low risk, Orange indicates moderate risk, and red indicates high risk of infection. When an examiner receives a red indicator, he and the organization can choose to take follow-up steps – such as a medical examination oe deepening the examination through questioning.

The benefits of using the C-index are great: Organizations can pre-locate high-risk employees, thus avoiding widespread downtime. Beyond that, just filling out the questionnaire helps increase employee awareness of the importance of adhering to Ministry of Health guidelines, while recognizing and avoiding potential risk factors. 

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