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About Dominica

The essence of Dominica is discovery: Christopher Columbus spotted the island on Sunday, or Dominica in Latin, hence the country’s name. A Caribbean island known for 750 square kilometers of natural beauty, Dominica is covered in the precious, lush rainforest—a UNESCO World Heritage site—and is home to the world’s second-largest hot spring. Tourists, and of course residents, enjoy the hundreds of streams, stunning coastlines, and vibrant coral reefs. The population of approximately 73,000 uses the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD). While the official language is English, other spoken languages include Antillean Creole and French.

Benefits :

  • Straightforward, simple investment plans
  • Processing time 3-6 months
  • No landing or residency required
  • Visa-Free Access to 140+ countries (UK, EU)
  • No personal or worldwide income tax
  • Dual citizenship permitted
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 30 years old and dependent 
    parents aged 55 years and above
  • Limited numbers of documents to be submitted


3-6 months


$200,000 approximately


140+ countries

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