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Choosing a career path is one of the most important choices we make in our lives. Our career is an essential part of our identity. We spend most of our time at work and, when choose properly, it helps us to express ourselves in various ways. An adequacy between one’s needs and expectations to his profession usually leads to a greater satisfaction in one’s life, leading to greater career achievements in a wider point of view. Even though our career has such an impact over our lives, sometimes the decision about it is made without considering the various aspects relevant to it. When approaching a career counselor, the client usually seeks for a professional objective method to make the decision, and for this need the My Career Expert system is the key tool. My Career Expert is designed to support decision making by helping the individual gain knowledge and awareness regarding their occupational profile and helping the counselor with guiding them in this process. My Career Expert is based on leading theories in the field of career counseling, designed by Adam Milo in 2006. It presents people dealing with career-related dilemmas with questions regarding their preferences in different occupational fields. In the process of career counseling there are two critical elements for choosing the right occupation and academic path:

  • Myself and my inner center – my skills, my abilities, my interests and my occupational tendencies, which can be analyzed by the system.
  • The available information and my surrounding environment – the professions, the academic courses and the dynamic and fast-changing employment market. With more than 50 years of experience and accumulated knowledge, we have developed the most high end technology, we use this technology to identify one’s inner center and thus integrate it with his surrounding environment and available options. The questionnaires.
  • “My Career Expert” questionnaire – divides all existing occupations according to personality traits needed and aims at detecting the individuals` occupational tendencies according to personality traits.

The output
After filling out the questionnaires, a summary report is automatically generated, describing the employment profile of the individual and provides the initial information needed for planning the next career steps. We assist you to make the right choice so that you Rise to Excellence.

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